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Can Teenagers Get Dental Implants?

January 24, 2022

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teenage girl looking at her smile in a mirror

Losing a tooth is awful at any age, but it can be especially devastating to a teenager. Having an empty space in their grin might make them feel too insecure to audition for a play they want to star in, try out for a sports team, or be social in general. If your teenage son or daughter is missing a tooth, you might have considered having them get a dental implant to fill the gap. But can teenagers get dental implants? Read on to find out!


5 Ways Dental Implants Boost Your Self-Esteem

December 23, 2021

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Confident woman with dental implants smilingYour teeth are important for more than just biting and chewing. They are invaluable to your self-esteem. A beautiful smile radiates happiness and confidence from the inside out. However, if you’ve lost a tooth or two, you likely lost some of your shine, too. You don’t have to live with the weight of missing teeth. Dental implants are a nearly perfect replica of your real teeth, but that’s not their only benefit. Here are 5 ways dental implants will instantly reignite your confidence.


Is It Possible to Transition From Dentures to Dental Implants?

October 22, 2021

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traditional full dentures in Bakersfield

Are you tired of wearing traditional prosthetics? Accidental slippage, a lackluster bite force, and frequent adjustments can become problematic over time, leaving you wanting something more, something permanent. But is making the transition from dentures to dental implants possible? To find out, read on to learn what you need to know to ensure a seamless move to a more durable, longer-lasting, fully functional smile.


3 Ways to Care for Your Dentures and Extend Their Lifespan

October 3, 2021

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dentures soaking in water

Caring for dentures requires knowing which products to use and how to properly clean and maintain your prosthetics to avoid potential damage. When meeting with your dentist to receive your new teeth, they’ll go over what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your smile lasting as long as possible. Here are three valuable tips that are designed to extend the lifespan of your teeth and keep your prosthetics looking and feeling new.  


4 Tips to Consider When Selecting an Emergency Dentist

September 20, 2021

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an emergency dentist in Bakersfield

Waiting to find an emergency dentist when dealing with a severe injury can make for a more stressful situation. It is strongly recommended that you do your research ahead of time so that you know who you can turn to when accidents occur. But if you’re feeling unsure about who to choose, here are four tips to consider that will give you greater peace of mind when placing your oral health in someone else’s hands.


Should I Still See My Dentist if My Toothache Is No Longer a Problem?

September 2, 2021

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woman no longer experiencing a toothache

When dealing with a toothache, the pain can range from mild to severe depending on the underlying cause. Because these common oral health problems can occur for various reasons, you may discover the initial discomfort soon dissipates over time. As a result, you may find it no longer necessary to see your dentist for treatment. But before you decide to cancel your appointment, learn why you should still plan to see a dental professional and avoid the potential for more problematic issues later on.


My Dental Bridge Fell Out! What Should I Do?

August 12, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dominic Carlson @ 11:55 pm
Dental bridge

Losing a tooth no longer means that you need to go the rest of your life without it. There are numerous tooth replacement options out there to fill in gaps in your smile. A common option is a dental bridge. A traditional bridge connects to the natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth and fills in the gap with a replacement tooth. While they are quite durable, it is still possible for them to fall out. Continue reading to learn why your dental bridge may have fallen out and what you should do about it.


Chipped a Tooth? Here’s What You Need to Do Next

July 16, 2021

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Shocked man with chipped tooth covers his mouth

Did you know that your tooth enamel is even stronger than your bones? Unfortunately, it’s still all too easy to chip or break your teeth. What’s worse is that unlike your bones, teeth don’t repair themselves! If you find yourself with a chipped tooth, it’s important that you know what to do so you can act quickly and correctly. Read on as we go over step-by-step what to do if you chip a tooth.

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